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We offer a unique variety of communications tools that increase sales, encourages repeat customers and drives foot traffic into your place of business. We utilize patented technology to expand your advertising reach into the mobile space. We provide an ideal combination of tools that business owners use for sustained growth. Velocity is a national mobile communications and consulting company based in Chicago: empowering businesses across the US.

We offer Mobile Web Sites, Web Apps, Text Message Advertising and Pledge via Text services for restaurants, retail stores, non-profits, political organizations, elected officials and those seeking office.

We provide Mobile Coupons, Event Reminders, Virtual Business Cards, Quick Response Codes and very competitively priced face-to-face ad online Merchant Account Credit Card Processing Services.

We deliver your messages quickly from a secure, redundant and reliable software platform. Our enterprise level infrastructure supports millions of messages per month through our gateways and our connections to wireless aggregators. We efficiently send carrier grade SMS and MMS messages to thousands of subscribers in seconds.
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When you use Velocity you enable your business to offer more timely and personalized benefits to your consumers. We help you reach your goals through increased foot traffic and increased conversions. Our customers see a real ROI (return on investment).

This is the Mobile era. With approximately 330 million mobile phone users in America why haven’t you incorporated mobile marketing into your business model? Mobile marketing is the most effective form of marketing and provides many users with a 8:1 ROI.   


Mobile Marketing Return on Investment

Velocity is here to provide you with mobile marketing technology and services that help your business grow. 

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Velocity Mobile Marketing is connected directly to all major US wireless carriers.


Velocity will help your business grow:

  • provide your business with interactive mobile marketing tools that will improve your ability to market to individuals or specific segments of customers and prospects.


  • help you understand how you can reach and engage your customers and prospects in a continuous conversation that is timely, relevant and welcome.


  • help you discover how mobile marketing can build better relationships with your customers, improve your marketing results, increase the accountability of your marketing investments, and reduce costs.


  • provide you with strategies that will help you plot your own journey to mobile marketing and sustained growth.


Let the experts at Velocity Mobile Marketing show you how we can help grow your business.

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Velocity Mobile Marketing Co. is incorporated in the great State of Illinois with our sister company Velocity Payment Services (VPS).  


VPS focuses on credit card and check processing services for restaurants, retail stores and non-profits.  If you are looking to lower your processing charges or establish a new account Velocity Payment Services is your best choice.

Harry L. Parson III - Velocity Mobile Marketing

Harry L. Parson III – Velocity Mobile Marketing

The owner, Harry Parson, has over 18 years of telecommunications, sales and consulting experience.  He is an Executive Board Member of the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, IL.

Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce Chicago


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The Velocity Mobile Marketing Logo and the Velocity Mobile Marketing ICON are registered Trademarks & Service marks, respectively, in Illinois and cannot be used, reproduced or copied without prior written consent… Illinois Law (765 ILCS 1036)


Unlike many of our competitors, Velocity Mobile Marketing is fully licensed with patent holder Helferich.

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Patent Infringement Protection;
The transmission of a URL in an SMS, MMS, Push Notification, or Social Media posting is a patented process with the United States Patent and Trademark office.  Our license to this portfolio of patents is a worldwide license which releases, acquits, and discharges Licensee Parson Enterprises, LLC & Velocity Mobile Marketing, Co. AND Licencees customers,  from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities and rights of action of any kind and nature, at law, in equity, or otherwise known and unknown , suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, which the patent owner may have or obtain, arising on account of either Licensee’s or Licensee Customer’s Infringement or alleged Infringement of any of the Licensed Patents and Applications.

Since any and all companies, mobile marketing providers, content providers, or even re-sellers that send SMS, MMS, or make social media posts are subject to lawsuit if they engage in acts that knowingly or unknowing infringe on the portfolio of patents, the protection we provide your company legally acquits any liability.



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