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Building A Subscriber List

How to Build Your List of Mobile Subscribers

And Grow Your Business

How To Get Subscribers

Adding subscribers to your mobile marketing campaign is key to your success. Building your subscriber list is not a passive activity.  You must be pro-active. Without subscribers you can’t expand your reach or get a return on your advertising dollar. The more subscribers you have the larger your ROI will become. On average 97% of all the SMS text messages you send will be read by your customers. Therefore the bigger your list the better. Only 10% of your Facebook followers will see your post in their Timeline. With a 97% read rate your SMS marketing messages will be almost 10 times as effective as any Facebook or Twitter post you make.  

Mobile opt-ins, short code and keyword pitches should be integrated into multiple communication channels such as print, web, email, and social and mobile media.

Because of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (last updated Oct 2013), businesses can longer hand a mobile marketing company like Velocity a list of wireless numbers and ask for them to be added to a subscriber list.  Written or digital consent is required.  While the process of adding subscribers to your list has changed the goal is still the same… grow your subscriber base.

Getting Mobile Subscribers

Getting Subscribers

Advertise Your Mobile Marketing Campaign (everywhere)

Face-to-Face-Person-to-Person Requests
Sheets with a consent agreement clearly displayed
Using A Velocity Kiosk Subscriber Web Page
Using a Velocity Mobile Web App Subscriber System
Using Velocity Website Opt-In Widgets
Adding your KEYWORD and Short-Code number to Flyers
Posting on Facebook & Other Social Media
Table Tents
Business Cards
Direct Mail
Customer Receipts
Emails & Email Signatures
Yard Signs
T Shirts
Window Stickers
TV Screens


Promotion is one of the most important ingredients in the marketing mix. Time and time again, brands have plans for great mobile programs, yet they forget to answer one question: How are customers supposed to find out about how to participate in the program? Just because you’ve built it doesn’t mean they will come. Whether the aim is to drive opt-ins or app downloads, make your mobile campaigns efforts big and loud to the target audience. It’s always recommended that multiple touch-points are leveraged to encourage participation in a mobile program, which includes website, social media, in-store signage, etc.

It’s no secret that a well-promoted campaign can generate big results. Avenue, a retailer for real-sized women, was able to achieve a 6,600 percent ROI with its rich media messaging mobile campaign by spreading the word to customers through social media, in-store, email, and online promotion. Avenue sent compelling images and attractive offers to encourage customers to opt-in, as well as suggest to their friends to opt-in to the campaign through social media. Leveraging all of their available touch-points, the retailer was able to see a dramatic increase in store traffic and overall sales.


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