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Expand Your Advertising Reach with Mobile Marketing Chicago

The average Smartphone user looks at their phone 200 times per day. Imagine if you could actually see the wireless activity, channels and signals in Chicago.

Expanding Your Advertising Reach with mobile marketing in Chicago

If our phone signals were visible, the world might look like a never-ending parade of colors.

It makes sense to start using mobile advertising to market to your existing and potential customers.

It is critical that you expand your advertising reach into the mobile space.  When you use Velocity you reach customers on what they look at everyday: their mobile phones.

The blues, pinks, reds, and yellows represent the strength of signal frequencies, and the hexagonal points depict base stations and antennae. The lights appear static in these images, but a real-time animation would show them to be constantly flickering.

How much reach does your advertising have?

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