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Property Management

Velocity offers property management firms an extremely efficient and cost effective way to instantly communicate with your tenants and employees.  We call it Mobile Broadcastingand Narrow Casting.

Property Management Solutions

By utilizing wireless technology, your management or leasing agency will be able to send instant or scheduled SMS Text Messages to tenants and employees in seconds.

Mobile Broadcasting & Narrow Casting:

If you manage more than one property you have the ability to send messages to all your tenants, enterprise wide, with Mobile Broadcasting, or, simply communicate with the tenants in a select building, which is called Narrow Casting.

Many organizations still use email to get their messages out.  But the read and time-to-open rates of email messages are very poor.  TEXT messages have a 97% read rate while emails have only a 10% read rate. Moreover,  it takes the average person 90 minutes to open an email but it only takes 10 seconds for the average person to open a TEXT message.

How does this work?  Simple… we establish multiple KEYWORDS for your organization that tenants and employees text to our SHORT-CODE 72727.

  • Reach Employees instantly, by building or enterprises wide; make announcements, send meeting reminders, or inform them of policy changes or emergencies;
  • Reach Tenants instantly, by building or enterprises wide;
  • Be secure in the knowledge that that your message to tenants or employees arrives on their cell phone in less than 10 seconds and that 97% of the recipients read the text message within 10-90 seconds;
  • Save valuable employee time by giving them a way to reach tenants in a more efficient manner; Save money by printing less flyers and brochures;
  • Your Velocity Mobile Marketing service includes a web site widget that can be placed on your web site to get people to OPT-In to your mobile database.


For more details about this solution for your property management company

give us a call at 888-265-3826.

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