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Mobile Coupon Campaigns

Redeemable Mobile Coupons and more from Velocity Mobile Marketing

Velocity Mobile Marketing offers two types of mobile coupon campaigns: simple text-based SMS Mobile Coupons and Redeemable Mobile Coupons.

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Mobile Coupon Campaigns

Text based SMS Mobile Coupon Campaigns

Once you decide what discount, promotion or special you would like to promote we will create a text-based mobile coupon that will be sent to your mobile subscribers whenever you want, and however many times as you like.


Redeemable Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons, Redeemable Mobile CouponsRedeemable Mobile Coupon Campaigns

Redeemable mobile coupons are a more advanced version of the basic text-based SMS coupon.

The subscriber is sent a hyperlink to a web-based interactive mobile coupon. The coupons can be redeemed so they can only be used once per mobile device.

These redeemable mobile coupons also provide information about your business like your address, telephone number etc.  The coupon is really a mini-mobile app.  It includes click to call us buttons and an interactive map with Geolocate driving directions.

Redeemable mobile coupons also includes a brief description related to the coupons or discounts terms and conditions, which helps the merchant and customer avoid confusion or abuse.

A redeemable keyword coupon is a keyword campaign whose reply includes a short URL that goes to a mobile website where the recipient can “Redeem” a coupon. These redeemable mobile coupons generate statistics that the merchant can access thus allowing them to track redemption rates and patterns.

 Redeemable Mobile Coupons from Velocity Mobile Marketing

Choose your Discount Type

What kind of discount do you want to offer?  Dollar amount off? Percentage? Free? Give your customers a good deal and you’ll be swimming in business.

Barcodes for quick processing

You can use barcodes to track the use of your coupon! Scan the code from a phone at the time of redemption and the point of sale system will recognize it and apply the appropriate deduction.  If  you don’t use barcodes, you can use a promotional code instead.

Add in Your Address and Terms & Conditions

Specify your terms and conditions.  How long are you running this great offer? Where are you located and what’s your phone number?

Frequently Asked Questions

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