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Mobile Marketing FAQs – Velocity Mobile Marketing 

Mobile Marketing FAQs

Please read through our mobile marketing FAQ frequently asked questions.  If you cannot find an answer to your question please call us at 888-265-3826 x101 or email us at

Frequently asked questions.

Question: How much does a mobile marketing campaign cost? All of our pricing is listed on our Order Mobile Marketing page but in general mobile marketing is the least expensive form of advertising your business can initiate.  No other form of advertising expands your reach, increases traffic and improves sales like mobile marketing. 

Question:  Once we start a mobile marketing campaign with Velocity how do we get subscribers? Does Velocity provide merchants with a list of customer cell numbers we can advertise to?  Anti-spam regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, (updated October 16, 2013) do not allow mobile marketing companies like Velocity to provide a list of cell phone numbers for you to reach.  Nor can your organization hand us a list of wireless numbers and ask us to Blast them messages without each user’s written or digital consent.  Each Velocity customer is responsible to advertising the existence of its mobile marketing campaign and should display flyers and posters inside their establishments to gain subscribers with consent agreement clearly displayed.  Business owners can add their message to email auto-signatures, receipts, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and on business cards etc. Wherever you advertise you should add your Keyword & Short Code to that ad.

Question:  Once we gain mobile subscribers to our campaign, who owns the database?  Velocity provides the mobile marketing services and our customers own their database of subscribed mobile numbers.  Velocity will email your database to you in an Excel spread sheet each week, month or quarter.

Question: Does it cost extra to do a coupon campaign? No.  Coupon campaigns are included in your mobile marketing package.

Question: Are mobile web site/apps expensive? Absolutely not.  Pricing is dependent on the size of your site but for a 10-20 page site your cost may be less than $200.00 and $19.99 per month.  Mobile Apps or Native apps development can start at $2000 and go up from there depending on the functionality.  Velocity creates mobile web apps that are 10 times less expensive than Native Apps.  Velocity does create Native apps on request.

Question: Are there long term contracts or early termination fees for mobile marketing services? No.  Our services are billed either monthly or quarterly depending on the size of the account.  Deeper discounts are available for 1 year contracts.

Question: If I want to cancel may account what is the process? All accounts can be cancelled without an early termination fee with 30 days advanced notice of your next billing date in writing to

Question:  I want to pay for mobile marketing using my credit or debit card. Is your online ordering system secure?  Yes.  Velocity’s online ordering is PCI Data Security Compliant and we accept MC/VISA/DISCOVER/AMEX.

Question:  My company does not use credit or debit cards to pay vendors. Can we pay by check or money order?  Yes, we allow customers that bill over $100.00 per month to pay via check or money order.  However, payment for services must be paid in advance of set-up and all invoice payments must be received within 25 days of the invoice date.  If the payment is late a $20.00 late fee will be assessed and your account may be suspended after 60 days until payment is received.

Question:  There is a patent on sending text messages to consumers that contain hyperlinks. Does Velocity Mobile Marketing have a license to send text messages with a hyperlink and pay a royalty to the patent holder?  Yes, Velocity, its resellers, customers, and customers of its resellers are protected. Velocity is fully licensed.  As a result you are protected

Question:  How many characters can one outbound text message to a subscriber contain?  Each text message blast can hold a total of 160 characters, (that includes spaces).  Each message or at least one message in a string of messages must contain the REPLY STOP to Stop message at the bottom so consumers can easily opt-out of your subscription.  If you have difficulty counting characters simply go to our SMS Character Counter page.

Question:  Are my customers/subscribers charged by Velocity for receiving text messages?  No.  Your customers are not charged by Velocity for receiving text messages but data rates or text message charges may apply from your customer’s wireless carrier if they don’t have an unlimited text message plan or unlimited data.

Question:  What kind of Reports and Statistics come with a Velocity account? Each Velocity account comes with a full range of tracking and monitoring reports. Velocity Managed account customers can request reports every two weeks, each month or quarterly.  Self Managed account customers can log into our back office and review their account activity daily.

Question:  How are messages counted?

Messages are counted 1 to 1.  Each outbound SMS message is equal to one SMS message out of your block to one wireless phone number. In other words, if you have 200 subscribers on one of your KEYWORD lists and you send a message to that list 2 times in a given month, you’ve used 400 messages.

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