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Mobile Marketing Services for Restaurants and Bars

Mobile Marketing is most frequently used in Bar/Restaurant promotions. Advertisements are essential for the success of every venue but if you are familiar with mobile marketing more than likely you experienced it first in a restaurant.  Customers are drawn in by promotional ads and discounts they receive by mail, newspapers, flyers, e-mail etc. –  these marketing tools have been effective, however, they are not direct or personalized.  Customers may even receive these after the promotion has ended.  Velocity Mobile Marketing offers bars and restaurants the ability to market to those customers who frequent your establishment or who are interested in visiting your venue.

Velocity Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

Our text messaging marketing for bars and restaurants is a new and innovative way for you to build a client base and customer loyalty.  Customers will receive promotions in the palm of their hand instantly and all they have to do is show their text message when they come in.  No more worrying about forgetting a coupon or a flyer they received in the mail.

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

Everyone with a cell phone carries it wherever they go.  Customers are already texting inside your venue – so why not take advantage of that and offer them instant value!

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Text MOBILE COUPONS to 72727 for a live sample

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By placing your unique text messaging code on all of your advertisements you entice customers to text in to receive your promotion.  That is also known as opting-in.  By opting-in, a customer is giving your venue permission to text them promotions whenever they become available – that also gives you the ability to market directly to those who are interested and enjoy what your venue has to offer.  No more wasting extra dollars on marketing to those who just throw away their mail!

mobile marketing for restaurants

We give you the ability to schedule future promotions or send out an instant promotion if you’re having a slow night.  The benefits are endless and can only grow your clientele.


1.Post signs and table riders that say “Text MEDICI57 to 72727” to receive a free drink or free appetizer

2.Have staff promote your text club to customers with the incentive of 15% off their bill.

3.Run a contest – when a customer joins your text club they get a chance to win a free gift card.

4.Send out a text message on a slow night giving your text club members $20 off or $2 drink specials.

5.Hold a VIP party for your text club members only

6.Send a text promoting a new menu item or a special event being held at your venue.


Perfect for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, coffee shops, ice-cream parlors., fast food restaurants, diners

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