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Mobile Marketing: Drive more customers to your business via their mobile devices using Velocity Mobile Marketing’s Text Messaging system

Velocity Mobile Marketing provides an ideal combination tools for business owners.

Our services deliver intimacy, immediacy, and context.

When you use Velocity you enable your business to offer more-relevant and personalized benefits to your consumers, reach goals through increased traffic, optimized app usage, and increased conversions. As result, Velocity customers see a real ROI (return on a investment).


The Rule of 90

It takes 90 Minutes for the average person to respond to an Email. But it only takes 90 Seconds for the average person to respond to a Text Message!

90% of all Constant Contact Emails & US Mail advertisements are deleted or discarded before they’re read… but 90% of all Text Messages are read!

Mobile Marketing has evolved! Mobile text messaging a new way of contacting customers with speed, increasing your revenue stream and get an excellent return on your investment.


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What are Mobile Coupons?

Mobile Marketing CouponsAlmost everyone has a wireless device.  It makes sense for businesses to create offers that can be viewed on a mobile phone.  Mobile Coupons makes it easy for any business to create and promote their offers to on-the-go users.



Get a solid return on a small investment

Compared to other forms of marketing and advertising Mobile Marketing delivers by far the most bang for your buck. Depending on the strength of your coupon or discount the average rate of redeption is between 8%-12%.  What is your average sale worth?  Use the model below and our Starter Package plan with 700 outbound text messages as an example.

Mobile Marketing Delivers a great Return on Your Investment ROI

Lets say your average sale or ticket is $25.

Out of 100 subsribers to your text message coupons 9 customers come back to redeem the coupon.

That’s 9 X $25 = $225.00. Subtract the $65 for our service and you have netted $160.

Each month the number of subscribers to your text messages grows, and as a result, so do you sales!


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