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Pledge via Text

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Initiating a Pledging via Text service is a great way for non-profit organizations to raise funds.  Whether you are big or small Pledge via Text is sound fundraising tool.  

Set-up of Campaign

A Keyword Campaign is created with the keyword that the organization is going to promote to get Pledges. Advanced Features is selected on the Keyword Campaign and “Keyword Comments” are enabled on the campaign.  



The organization creates a KEYWORD and promotes it during events, on radio, through email and social networks, etc.

When a donor texts a KEYWORD to our short-code 72727, they get an automated response that states something like “Thank you for your willingness to donate.  To complete your pledge reply to this Text with the amount you wish to Donate and someone from our team will contact you to collect”.


During live events or periodically the Non-Profit organization can run reports in the platform and view the excel spreadsheet of comments and calculate total amounts of pledges. Some organizations even will report these amounts periodically during an event, and then re-encourage people to continue their pledges as a goal has yet to be reached.

About Text To Donate

Most of us have seen the Red Cross and other large non-profit organizations ask for donations via text message. These are called Micro-Donations. This program has been made famous by similar national programs directing people to Text a keyword to donate $5 or $10 instantly and is charged to their cell-phone bill.  Program requirements are exhaustive and include the Non-profit be a registered 501c3 that reports over $500,000 of annual revenue to the IRS.  They must go through an application process with the carriers through Velocity Mobile Marketing that can take as long as 60 days to receive provisioning and finally approved status.

When approved the non-profit can have potential donors text their keyword to the short-code and they will receive an instant response back to their phone stating something similar to this, “American Red Cross, to complete your donation of $10 to the Haitian relief, reply YES to this message. $10 will be charged to your cell-phone bill”.  When the Donor replies YES, (a double opt-in process), they receive a thank you text response and the charge appears on their cell-phone bill. 

Note:  These programs have inherent issues and are only for the larger non-profits as they need a substantial promotional budget to receive an ROI on this type of donation program.  Although highly popular and publicized many organizations that take part in this program don’t do that well with it because of the limitations on the size of the donations (you have to choose either $5 or $10 increments), and the fact that they must get the call-to-action “Text KEYWORD to XXXXX” out through massive campaigns to grow awareness and transactions.

Velocity Mobile Marketing offers Text To Donate

While Text To Donate is a fantastic way to raise fund the cost is usually too high for most small organizations. 

The cost for establishing a Micro-Donation Text To Donate is as follows:

One-time Set-up and Provisioning fee: $500

Monthly Licensing Fee: $450

Per-Transaction Fee: $.40

Messaging Rate: in addition to and determined by your Velocity package.

Call us for help. 888-265-3826 x101


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