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Radio Ads

Velocity Mobile Marketing adds measure-ability to your radio spots and commercials.

Ad Mobile to your Radio ad

Radio advertising is a very effective part of a business’ media strategy. Unfortunately, many businesses are hesitant to buy radio spots because they are not convinced the results are measurable. 

Velocity gives you the ability to see the results of your radio ad, in real-time.  Each time a listener subscribes to one of your mobile marketing keywords those wireless numbers, including the date and time they subscribed, are tracked.

With Velocity you can track and get real-time marketing reports from our back office.  Reports appear as downloadable excel spread sheets and graphs that display how many people responded to your radio ad and those that redeemed one of your mobile coupons.

Radio Ad Measure-ability

With Velocity you can:

  • Send instant auto-reply mobile coupons to listeners via text
  • Links to your website, address and phone number
  • Conduct Text to Poll or Text to Vote campaigns
  • Increase profits
  • Enhance customer acquisition
  • Build customer brand awareness and loyalty
  • Review data and effectiveness of your radio ads and commercials


VMMCO Radio 1

700 Outbound Text Credits Per Month, 5 Keywords, 5 QR Codes, Blast we help you create and send for you.   Velocity Managed = Velocity sets up your account, keywords, QR codes, coupons, announcements, messages and blasts.  We work with you via email and telephone to handle all your account needs. 

Your account includes these great features and options:

  • Marketing reports provide a level of measure-ability to track the effectiveness of your radio ads
  • Instant Mobile Coupons from Opt-ins
  • Text to Poll
  • Text to Win
  • Text to Survey
  • SMS & MMS (pic/delivery
  • Website Opt-n Widgets
  • Customer Support

Set Up = $40.00

Weekly Recurring Charge = $50.00

 Velocity Mobile Marketing

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