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Resume Router - Mobile Resumes

Resume Router for Job Seekers: Mobile Resumes

resume frustration transAre you one of the 12 million Americans looking for work or a better job? 

Is your resume getting lost amongst the 100’s of resumes that were submitted for one position?

Other than your work experience how will you and your resume stand out from the other candidates applying for the same position?


The Answer is RESUME ROUTER!

  • Never run out of copies of your resume again, especially at a job fair;
  • Your resume goes with you wherever you go… and even where you’re not;
  • Look more professional;
  • Make yourself more memorable;
  • Stand out in the crowd;
  • Become more proactive; and
  • Give yourself a better chance of getting hired!


While there are over 10,000 downloadable resume creation apps in the Google Play Store and Apple Store, none of these programs make your resume mobile like RESUME ROUTER.

Screen1Resume Router from Velocity Mobile Markeitng

Velocity Mobile Marketing has developed a fantastic way to help you stand out from rest of the job seekers.

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Instead of just handing, mailing, or emailing your resume, route employers and recruiters to your mobile resume.  Your Mobile Resume app will include the following:

  • Address;
  • Your Profile Pic
  • Phone Number;
  • Cell Number;
  • Email Address;
  • A Simple Text Version of your Resume;
  • A PDF Version of your Resume (which can be download from the app to smart-phones, desktop PCs & tablets)
  • A list of References; and 
  • A General Cover Letter Page About You

Resume Router



Multiple Colors

Multiple Navigation Button Templates And Colors To Choose From:

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Our Mobile Marketing component helps you promote yourself!

We provide you with a Keyword like “YOUR NAME”.

When a potential employer texts “YOUR NAME” to our short-code 72727 they get a text message that routes them to your own, personalized Mobile Web App Version of your Resume.

Try the Demo NOW

Text the keyword “MOBILE RESUME“, (without the quotation marks), to 72727

or Scan the QR code with your smart-phone QR code app.

Resume Router Mobile Resume Demo

Velocity Resume Router is a mobile marketing SMS/Text package and mobile web app version of your resume with features designed to help separate you and your resume from other candidates.

Your mobile resume will include:

  • Your Profile Picture;
  • QR code & URL to your mobile web app;
  • Address;
  • Phone Number;
  • Cell Number;
  • Click to call buttons;
  • Email Address;
  • A Simple Text Version of your Resume;
  • A PDF Version of your Resume (which can be download from the app to smart-phones, desktop PCs & tablets);
  • A list of References; and
  • A General Cover Letter Page About You


Your Optional Mobile Marketing SMS/Text message package includes:

  • 1 Keyword (like your name if it is available);
  • Access to our Short-Code 72727;
  • 75 Outbound SMS/Text Message Credits each month (overages are billed at .05 cents per); and
  • A preconfigured SMS/Text Message autoreply when your Keyword is texted to 72727



All major Credit and Debits Cards Accepted


Just $29.95 for the first 35 days, then just $13.95 per month

(about $.47 cents per day after the trial period… aren’t you and your job search efforts worth it?)



The following pricing elements are:

Just $59.95 for the first 60 days, then just $15.95 per month

(About $.99 cents per day for 60 days then just $.53 cents per day thereafter – it’s worth it)

Includes SMS Marketing package of 1 KEYWORD like “YOUR NAME” & 75 outbound text messages per month & QR code.



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