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Retail Marketing Services

Retail Marketing Services


Increase Sales for Your Business

The success of all retail business depends on gaining new customers and making them repeat customers. Velocity’s mobile marketing platform can help you obtain and retain customers. Communicating with your customers using text message advertising and mobile web apps is smart, affordable, and effective.

Mobile Marketig for Retail

Retailers have special needs.  You need to move product and constantly replace those products with new ones or they go under.  Velocity creates awareness about your products and services, drives social network followers, captures email addresses, provides feedback, and much more.  We help you move overstocked products, announce new products and strengthen your brand.  As your subscriber database grows you develop the opportunity for stronger customer engagements. This will help you drive additional transactions, increased tickets, awareness about other products and services, drive social network followers, capture email, get feedback, and more.  

Mobile Marketing Retail

Many retailers experience a decline in sales at some point or another.  If you want to differentiate yourself and add value to your customers instantly – partnering with Velocity Mobile Marketing is the way to go.  Having the ability to create a customer loyalty program and send out direct incentives via text messaging will increase your business two-fold.  Most retail shops send out mailers or e-mails to their loyal customer – most of which get tossed into the trash or filtered into ones spam folder.

Redeemable Mobile Coupons from Velocity Mobile Marketing

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By placing your unique text messaging code on all of your advertisements you entice customers to text in to receive your promotion.  That is also known as opting-in.  By opting-in, a customer is giving your business permission to text them promotions and to market directly to those who are interested in the products your business has to offer.  Each subscriber is given the option to end their subscription simply by replying to a text message with STOP.  Once unsubscribed, that user’s cell number is removed from the database.  If that user decides to opt back in to your mobile club they can.

Velocity gives you the ability to schedule future text promotions or send out an instant text promotion if you’re having a slow day or night.  The benefits of mobile marketing are endless and can only grow your clientele and your bottom line.

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