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Alerts and Blasts


A Blast is a text message sent to a group/groups of people registered through your advertised web widget and campaigns. This message can say anything (ex: reminders, thank you, etc.) and you will receive replies to these blasts.

Please note: To send an alert or blast, you first have to create a list of opt-in users. This is a Group of names/numbers of user that have signed up to receive the message(s) you send.

To Create a new blast campaign:

  1. Click on “CREATE” button.
  2. Name the campaign – a name used for reporting and internal purposes (the campaign name will only be visible to you and other authorized users).
  3. Select the “TYPE” of campaign that you want to run:
    Text: Up to 150 characters (to reach all cell phones as one message) Coupon: This allows you to attach a coupon to the text message (the image attach can be either a .jpg or .gif up to 30kb).Optionally, you can provide users with a special “Coupon Code” that allows them to show your phone and save™ when they use it at a retail location. Ringtone: Include a ringtone with the blast. Wallpaper: Include an image that is sized for mobile phones.
  4. In the “MESSAGE” box, type the text you plan to send. Think strategically and use choice wording (i.e. the word “and” can become changed to “&” in order to conserve characters).
  5. SAVE and SAVE AND SCHEDULE buttons allow you save the campaign information entered for that campaign. You must Save and Schedule the campaign or it will not be fully activated and ready to send.
  6. Once you “Save and Schedule” the campaign, you arrive at scheduling options and group selection. Scheduling the campaign is flexible and easy.
    • Enter the date/time you choose to launch the campaign.
    • Select “Immediate” distribution to distribute the blast to the groups you’ve selected immediately. Or you can schedule it for a later date by selecting the date and time for delivery. Choose the date, time and the time zone (depending on the part of the country where the message is to be distributed).
    • Please be courteous to your users and only send messages at times they expect to receive a text message (customary to send between 9am-7pm). The “daylight rule” applies to texting.
    • To make a blast recurring, check the “Recurring” checkbox so the message will be sent daily, weekly or as selected.
    • As a bonus, the Marketing Center can track the success of that coupon or promotion by accessing the API to send back the results from the campaign. When a promotion code is redeemed, the Marketing Center User can make a web call the MMC web-service to record that the promo code has been used and to provide some context data (like where it was redeemed: website, 3rd party source, at an event, at a store, etc). This requires web programming. See Promo Code for additional details in setting up tracking.
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