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A mobile marketing *keyword* is a word people text to get information or opt-into a campaign. Ex. Text DEMO to SHORTCODE to receive information. Message & Data Rates May Apply. In this example, “DEMO” is the keyword. The short code is SHORTCODE.

Create a new Keyword Campaign:

    1. Click on the “CREATE” Button.
    2. Name the campaign (for reporting and internal purposes).
    3. Choose a keyword from a pool of available keywords that are currently not being used by others on the shared short code. If your choice is unavailable, select another keyword.
    4. Next, create the message(s) you wish to send in response to the keyword. There are two reply messages available in a keyword campaign. The second message is optional (only for needed characters).
      TIP:┬áIt is best to label messages when sending more than one. For example, if you have two reply messages, label Reply Message 1 “1 of 2” and Reply Message 2 “2 of 2”. Please note that these messages are sent to carriers to distribute to end users with split-second delays. The carrier and the user’s cell phone determine when messages will be received. At the end of each message, include a company name (signature) to let the receiver know who sent the message.
    5. Email Capture enables you to request an email address reply. In this case, users are prompted to “reply with your email address for additional information” and when they do so, the email addresses will be stored with that keyword campaign for additional email purposes.

To enable email capture, choose this option and then add the “call to action” for users to provide their email address. A call to action is the response you want the user to take.

EXAMPLE: Reply with “email address” to get our weekly email newsletter. OR, Reply with your “email address” to get a printable brochure.

  • To add attachments, click on the “Browse” button and add the attachment.
  • SAVE and SAVE AND SCHEDULE buttons allow you to choose to save the campaign information entered for that campaign. Click Save and Schedule to fully activated the campaign and launch at a later time.
  • Launch the campaign – to launch the campaign and activate it, click on “launch”. A campaign is not live or active until it is launched.
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