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Text To Vote

Text To Vote

Text To Vote

Voting or Polling

Whether starting a Voting/Polling from a keyword that someone engages with, or blasting out to an existing group, every business loves the opportunity to get feedback from their clientele. Voting/Polling allows a user to create a question and define the possible responses like multiple choice. Once people select their choice via text, the platform records those responses. Read more Advanced features of Voting/Polling allow for a user to post results LIVE on a digital display using a version of Text To Screen embedded right into the application, run the results to the web via an RSS feed, send results back to the recipient via text in real-time, and even capture email from people participating in the campaign.

Text To Vote Screen1Text To Vote Screen2

Newspapers use Text To Vote and Text To Poll to ask their subscribers questions about an issue or important topic.  Users receive a question via text, text in their A, B, C or D answer and the paper publishes the results at a later time.

Restaurants use Text To Vote to survey their customers about their favorite meal or vote on the level of customer service they received.

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