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Why Use Mobile Marketing to Advertise

Advertising is critical to your growth.  What happens when you don’t advertise?  Nothing..

Outdated Advertising

Whether your business just started or you’ve been around for 20 years you cannot rely on word of mouth and outdated forms of advertising to sustain your business.  Mobile Marketing is the most effective form of advertising in the market… period.  

But if you want to kill you business here are 10 easy steps towards doom.


  1. Don’t Advertise. Just pretend that everybody knows what you have to offer.
  2. Don’t Advertise. Tell yourself you don’t have time to spend thinking about promoting your business.
  3. Don’t Advertise. Just assume everybody knows what you sell.
  4. Don’t Advertise. Convince yourself that you’ve been in business so long customers will automatically come to you.
  5. Don’t Advertise. Forget that there are new potential customers who would do business with you if they were urged to do so.
  6. Don’t Advertise. Forget that you have competition trying to attract your customers away from you.
  7. Don’t Advertise. Tell yourself it costs too much to advertise and that you don’t get enough out of it.
  8. Don’t Advertise. Overlook the fact that advertising is an investment in selling… not an expense.
  9. Don’t Advertise. Be sure not to provide an adequate advertising budget for business.
  10. Don’t Advertise. Forget that you have to keep reminding your established customers that you appreciate their business.




Mobile Advertising

  1. Use Mobile Marketing. Because text messaging is the fastest way to reach your customers use it to give them details about products and services or items you need to sell immediately.
  2. Use Mobile Marketing. Many customers get wrapped up in “What should I offer? What promotion should I send? What discount can I afford to offer?” If you can’t come up with a new idea simply promote what you already provide.
  3. Use Mobile Marketing. Consumers don’t know about every product or service you offer. Use Mobile Marketing to introduce them to old, existing and new products.
  4. Use Mobile Marketing. Whether your business is new or has been around for 20 years you cannot ignore advances in technology nor ignore the most used form of communications on the planet… text messaging.
  5. Use Mobile Marketing. Customers respond favorably to a good deal. Text message coupons have a 5-15% redemption rate which is much much higher than paper coupons.
  6. Use Mobile Marketing. Your competition is already using mobile marketing or they will be using it soon. Mobile Marketing will help you keep existing customers and attract new customers.
  7. Use Mobile Marketing. The ROI you get from Mobile Marketing is strong. Mobile Marketing is the most cost effect form of advertising in the market. Period.
  8. Use Mobile Marketing. Mobile marketing is a selling tool. Think of it as a way to broadcast your message to subscribers that want to know more about your business. Use it to drive traffic into your business or raise funds for your non-profit.
  9. Use Mobile Marketing. If you don’t have an advertising budget… make one. Once established, allocate at least 10-15% of that budget towards mobile marketing.
  10. Use Mobile Marketing. While text messaging is less personal than a phone call it is more personal than an email. Thanking your customers for their business on a regular basis with mobile coupons is a great way to build customer loyalty.


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